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February 2020
February 2020
February 2020
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WIEP Entry Deadline
Deadline for WIEP Entries.
Guest Speaker, Rick Sammon, Canon Explorer of Light (7:30 PM EST)
Join us on Monday, January 27, 2020 at 7:30pm in Cokesbury’s Auditorium C, to hear Rick Sammon present his program “Wildlife Photography Around the World”. In this fun-filled and info-packed presentation sponsored by Canon USA, Rick will share his favorite wildlife photography from the High Arctic to Antarctica. For each image Rick will give a photo processing technique. You’ll learn about photographing of bald eagles in Alaska, sandhill cranes and snow geese in Bosque del Apache, big cats and other wildlife in Africa, penguins in Antarctica – and more. Rick will also discuss the importance of situational awareness and emotional intelligence for photographers, which he discussed in this 40th book, Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom – discovering the power of pictures. Rick’s enthusiasm for digital imaging is contagious. He is a man on a mission – a mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting and rewarding for others. Rick has written 40 books on photography and has 18 on-line classes on KelbyOne. Visit Rick at
Education Night _ Photo Show Forum (7:00 PM EST)
After a brief introduction about Photo Shows and the competition rules, I will hold a Q&A session to address specific concerns or topics members may have. I will have my laptop with the software to demonstrate various methods for assembling photo shows; how to create or export the video file; and how to record and mix audio tracks. By the end of the night, my goal is for every member to feel confident that they can enter at least one category of the competition this year! So bring your questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas about Photo Shows with you to February’s Education Night! ~ David T. Shoemaker, Education Director
Guest Speakers, WIEP Judges Malcolm and Barbara Jenkin (1:00 PM EST)
WIEP Judges Malcolm and Barbara Jenkin Present “Our Journey Through Portraiture” Sunday, February 9, 1:00PM Malcolm has been capturing portraits for many years; while Barbara is a relative newcomer to this genre. Her interest began when she started entering exhibitions and began to see the diverse interpretation of portraits. In our early days we were inspired by the work of Larry and Susan Cowles and have developed our own style which involves the use of hats, wraps and pashminas. We often photograph the same model so we both strive to create a unique end product image. Barbara often applies a creative dimension to portraits, while Malcolm tends towards the classical beauty style. In our presentation we intend to show our development, and share with you images which have been successful in international exhibitions. We will talk about the pros and cons of different fabrics, the use of props and the lighting set ups which we find are most successful. Since joining PSA in 2010, Barbara and Malcolm have each achieved the level of Grand Master, Silver distinction for having over 7,000 acceptances in PSA-recognized exhibitions, and both of them have been awarded PSA distinctions for successful portfolios. They have also been recognized by England’s RPS and internationally by FIAP. They belong to their local camera club, Camborne Redruth in Cornwall, UK. They enjoy travel at home and abroad and judging, both locally and internationally.
Projected Image Competition (7:00 PM EST)
DuPont Pavillion Assigned Subject: Angry Mother Nature (Storm, eruption, earthquake, etc. or its obvious resul
Print Competition (7:00 PM EST)
DuPont Pavillion Assigned Subject: Angry Mother Nature (Storm, eruption, earthquake, etc. or its obvious results
Education Night (7:00 PM EST)

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